Our Future

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Looking to Our Economic Future

The focus around a 4-lane Highway 23 transportation system has a deeper impact beyond the safety of those traveling on and around the corridor. There are direct regional, growth and industry impacts that can be derived from successfully building out a 4-lane Highway 23. This expansion plan impacts the next generation to come and the future of our local economies across Minnesota and the Midwest.

The Region

  • The Highway 23 Coalition has expanded its coverage to 15 cities and 12 counties and now reaches from I-90 in Southwest MN to I-35 in Northeast MN.
  • The Highway 23 Coalition is a public-private partnership with around 100 members, including businesses, government and organizations.
  • Through the Coalition’s efforts during the 2018 legislative session, $105 million in Corridors of Commerce funding has been approved to complete both 4-lane gaps between Willmar and I-94. The Coalition is appreciative of this funding, however, it recognizes there are other critical needs to address along Highway 23.


  • Logistics and warehousing businesses with just-in-time inventory models require four-lane accessibility. Employees will directly benefit.
  • Safe, reliable transportation is crucial for our key industry sectors and the traveling public.
  • Agriculture, important to small towns and rural areas in Greater Minnesota, requires safe and adequate highways for transport of commodities and livestock.
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Join us in our vision for a 4-lane highway through the Highway 23 corridor.

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