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Why Support the Highway 23
4-Lane Expansion?

There are currently no direct four-lane roads that travel from the Northeast to the Southwest corner of Minnesota. As the second largest highway in the state of Minnesota, Highway 23 remains the connection between Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. The four-lane expansion of Highway 23 will transform this transportation system in five major ways.

How to Support the Highway 23 Project?

There are multiple ways to support the Highway 23 Project! You can become a Highway 23 Coalition Member, share our message, and contact your legislators.

  • Time saving route from the Northeast corner to the Southwest corner of Minnesota
  • Decrease traffic gridlock in Twin Cities
  • Promote economic growth
  • Maintain and grow businesses, career opportunities and skilled workforce through an accessible, safe and reliable transportation system
  • Attract potential population and tourism growth

Your Voice Matters

We understand that sometimes there is no financial ability to put funds towards initiatives outside of your organization. Your support can still help in aiding our overall goal of a 4-lane Highway 23. Below are some simple, non-financial ways to support the Coalition.

Share Our Message

Unless citizens are from an area currently under construction of the 4-lane project, many communities do not know about the expansion plan of Highway 23 and its importance. Help us by sharing the Facebook posts of status updates and our overall messages with others.

Contact Your Local Legislators

The 4-lane expansion of Highway 23 will promote safety, economic growth and community throughout the state of Minnesota. However, with many topics on the legislative agenda, we need help continuing to promote the Highway 23 project with our elected officials.

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Join us in our vision for a 4-lane highway through the Highway 23 corridor.

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