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Join the Hwy 23 Coalition in supporting a 4-lane highway from I-90 in southwest MN to I-35 in northeast MN, which would be the only four-lane highway running north to south, increasing safety, encouraging mobility, and promoting growth. Help create a better option for efficient, safe transportation throughout the corridor.

Attract and retain manufacturing and other high-paying jobs, businesses, and skilled workers.

Provide logistics and warehousing businesses, with just-in-time inventory models, the four-lane accessibility that their industry requires.

Provide safe, reliable transportation that is crucial for our key industry sectors and the traveling public.

Build safe and adequate highways for transport of agriculture commodities and livestock that is important to small towns and rural areas in Greater Minnesota.

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Without Changes to Highway 23, Growth Can't Happen

These important accomplishments in safety and economic growth can
not be made without change and that change begins with you!

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Save time

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Foster economic development

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Decrease traffic congestion
in Minneapolis/St. Paul

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Attract and retain businesses, jobs, & skilled workers

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Improve transportation from Sioux Falls, SD to Duluth, MN & Superior, WI

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Create opportunities for community growth, including population & tourism

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The Hwy 23 Coalition is Looking
To Our Economic Future

The Hwy 23 Project focuses on increasing the awareness of building a safer, more efficient Highway 23 Corridor. The Highway 23 Coalition has made large strides towards our goals and we continue to push forward toward our economic future.

  • Secured $105 million in Corridors of Commerce funding for two four-lane gaps between New London and Richmond, totaling 16 miles.
  • Provided support for traffic studies and work to implement transportation safety infrastructure along the corridor.
  • Built current membership to include 12 counties, 15 cities, 9 non-profits and over 60 businesses.
2022 Highway 23 Coalition Priority Projects

Join The Highway 23 Coalition

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Promote a better option for efficient, safe transportation throughout the Hwy 23 Corridor.

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Create a 4-Lane Hwy 23

Change the transportation system from Sioux Falls, SD to Duluth, MN & Superior, WI with a 4-Lane MN Highway 23.

About The
HWY 23 Project

Highway 23 Coalition has 100+ members fully supporting the effort to fill the gaps in 4-lane access including:







Recent News

Starting from the right: Brian Mathiowetz, CEO, Mathiowetz Construction; Jeff Bertram, Coalition Board Vice Chair; State Senator Jeff Howe; Kelly Morrell; Mel Odens; Aaron Backman, Coalition Board Member; Ross Olson, City Administrator, City of Sauk Rapids; Commissioner Roger Imdieke; Donna Boonstra, Coalition Board Chair; Stacy Morse, District Director, Congressman Tom Emmer; Commissioner Joe Perske, Coalition Board Member; Commissioner Luke Johnson, Coalition Board Member; Commissioner Steve Notch; Son of Brian Mathiowetz; Chuck Ackman, Outreach Director for U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar; Commissioner Rollie Nissen; State Rep. Lisa Demuth; MnDOT Interim Commissioner Nancy Daubenberger; MnDOT District Engineer Jon Huseby; Steve Rambow, Coalition Board Member; Mayor Bob Byrnes, Coalition Board Member.

Highway 23 North Gap Groundbreaking Celebration Held

Thank you for joining us on May 6th for the North Gap Groundbreaking Celebration! Attendees joined together to celebrate improved traffic flow and freight movement, as well as overall corridor performance, capacity and safety. Starting from...
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North Gap Open House Shares Detour Information

The Highway 23 North Gap Open House was held on April 6 at the Roadside Tavern...
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Highway 23 Gaps Groundbreaking Celebration

It's our pleasure to invite you to the Highway 23 Gaps Groundbreaking Celebration on Friday, May...
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