Highway 23 Feasibility Study from Foley to Mora

The Hwy 23 Coalition supports developing a four-lane Highway 23 that runs from border to border in Minnesota. To achieve this goal, we prioritize portions of Highway 23 expansion and perform feasibility studies on each of them. Read on for a look at our Highway 23 feasibility study from Foley to Mora.

Highway 23 Priority Projects in 2023

The Coalition’s previous priority projects have already helped secure expansions along Highway 23. In 2023, we plan to bring forward five priority projects. One of our 2023 projects will be a preferred route study from Foley to Mora.

Highway 23 Feasibility Study From Foley To Mora
Photo from City of Foley's Facebook page

Foley to Milaca Feasibility Study in 2022

We designated Highway 23 from Foley to Milaca as a priority project in 2022. Due to funding challenges, that study did not take place. Our board knows that this feasibility study is an important part of providing safer, faster routes along Highway 23.

Because of its importance, we have continued to prioritize and expand the study and include it in our 2023 priority projects. The four-lane feasibility study has now been expanded to Mora in 2023, rather than ending it at Milaca. Lengthening the area within the study also moves us further toward our goal of creating a four-lane Highway 23 that runs all the way across Minnesota.

What are the Primary Concerns with Foley to Mora?

Through previous studies, we’ve determined that there are 17 intersections along Highway 23 that have higher crash rates. Five of those intersections fall within the 40-mile stretch of highway between Foley to Mora.

As board chair Jeff Bertram says, “a feasibility study is important to identify the need and any and all issues with a potential project.”

We are prioritizing this feasibility study from Foley to Mora because of the large number of unsafe intersections within a relatively short distance. Our board members and members of the Hwy 23 Coalition always keep safety top of mind with each project.

We plan to perform the feasibility study from July to September 2023, with cost estimates obtained in the fall that same year. By the end of 2023, we plan to have funding strategies and next steps in place for expanding Highway 23 into four lanes from Foley to Mora.

Highway 23 in 2023

Highway 23 is the second longest state route in Minnesota traveling from the South Dakota border to Duluth, and yet, the majority of the route remains a two-lane highway. Foley to Mora feasibility study will move us toward our ultimate goal of a safe, four-lane Highway 23. 

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