2023 Progress on the Highway 23 Corridor

The Highway 23 Coalition is focused on advocating for a 4-lane expansion throughout the Minnesota Highway 23 corridor from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.

2023 has been an amazing year for progress on achieving our mission of 4 Lanes for You!

Currently there are approximately 66 miles of four-lane highway on the Highway 23 corridor (excluding downtown St. Cloud). This number includes: 9 miles by Marshall, 1 mile by Green Valley, 3 miles by Granite Falls, 45 miles between Willmar and Waite Park, and 8 miles from St. Cloud to Foley. With the completion of the North Gap project, which includes approximately 9 miles, we will be at about 75 miles of four-lanes in the Highway 23 corridor.

When the South Gap is completed by 2024 that will add about 7 miles of 4-lane and bring the total to 82 miles of 4-lane corridor on Hwy 23. The Hwy 23 corridor has 343 miles, therefore by 2024 approximately 24% or about one-quarter of the highway will be 4-lane.

2023 Progress 

Much progress has been made with the combined efforts of many like MnDOT and other agencies. These projects have impacted the safety, efficiency and economic vitality of the corridor and will continue to do so in the future. 

North Gap

Year two of construction is complete and finalized November 2023. Paynesville to Richmond is now a 4-lane section of Highway 23!

South Gap

Construction started May 2023 and will be completed by Fall 2024. Once completed, New London to Paynesville will be 4-Lanes.

Willmar Access Ramps

Three access ramps at the intersection of Highway 23 and Kandiyohi County Road 5 in Willmar are completed.

St. Cloud Interchange

Highway 23 and Highway 10 interchange area construction began in 2023 and expected completion in 2024.

New London Quadrant Interchange

Highway 23 and Highway 9 in New London have received funding for the quadrant interchange from the Corridors of Commerce. Due to the process which includes design phase and right of way acquisition, construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2028 and is expected to last two years.

Mora Highway 65 & Highway 23 Corridor Study

Phase one of the study is complete. Phase two runs April through November 2023. Phase three is expected to begin in November 2023 with a study report and implementation plan to be shared.

Foley to Milaca Highway Improvement

Year two of the 13.5 mile improved safety and road condition project for Highway 23 from Foley to Milaca is complete and finalized!

What’s next

There is more work to be done to achieve our vision of a 4-lane highway 23. The 2024 project priorities for the Coalition are as follows:

  • 4-Lane Extension SW of Willmar from Highway 71 to Kandiyohi County Road 5
  • Preferred Route Study from Foley to Mora
  • Preferred Route Study from Marshall to Granite Falls

By supporting these projects, the Coalition hopes to change the transportation system of Minnesota and make the entire state a more equitable and safer place to live, travel and open a business.

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